Planning A Camping Trip? Yep, There's A Planner For That

Who would have thought that camping could become so organized? Remember the days of long ago

Who Would

Who would have thought that camping could become so organized? Remember the days of long ago when you put the camping gear in the car, hoping tht you packed everythign you needed for your trip, called the family by yelling, get in we are goign camping.

All The Family

All the family piled in the car and you started out for your camping adventure, hoping and praying that there would be clear skies and no rain along the way to spoil your much needed camping vacation. If yo uwere lucky you could get there before dark and set up in the day light.

We now live life in a better world. We plan everything and that includes our camping trips. Some people like to make it a glamping trip by bringing out all the bells and whistles of a five star hotel.


It helps you plan out every aspect from what to pack and even tells you what not to bring on your camping trip. You can also organize your camping kitchen, your outfits and the places you go all by using a camping planner. Check it out for your next trip. If you want to, make a note in yoru day planner to purchase a camping planner before your next trip.

This Includes

This includes a huge tent that sleeps twelve people, even though the kids all have their own tents and it’s just the two of you, husband and wife in this single twelve person tent and your wife would have it no other way. We aren’t judging by any means.

Camping Is ABout

Camping is about whatever you want it to be and it is for that reason we want to tell you one of the latest ways to plan your camping trip.

Planing is the...

Yes, planning is the new get up and go camping idea. Years ago, you just went but, today, you plan your camping trip out in the camping planner. This little book helps you to organize everything you need to make the most of your camping trip.