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Tips and Tricks to Win Playing Domino QQ Online

Holaa gamblers are gambling, on this occasion the admin will tell you tips and tricks that can make you win playing Domino QQ Online. Surely you often hear this one game, right? This game that is quite easy to play has fun that can make you forget everything. Of course, different from playing poker that you can find on other gambling sites, Domino QQ games use gaple cards, guys.

Before getting the tips and tricks, it’s good that you first understand how to play Domino QQ so there is no defeat because you don’t understand how to play, as in general, Domino Qq is played with 1 set of 28 gaple cards, each player will get 4 cards which you have to add up to get the highest score to be complained by other players.

How to play Domino QQ Online, at the beginning of the game each player will get 3 cards each, you will be given time to be able to think whether you want to continue playing or give up, if you feel that the card chances you will get later will be good, then you can play and follow the number of bets and will be given 1 song card by the dealer, all you have to do is count the number of bumps on your gaple card, the highest value in this game is 9, you have to combine 2 cards to become 1 nominal, guys, can’t be 3 card well, what else is only 1 card.

If your card exceeds 9, the way to calculate it is the back nominal, for example if 10 + 8 = 18, the nominal you get is 8 guys, it’s pretty easy right, you just need to look for opportunities to get 9 because the highest number in this game is number 9 , it’s better if you get 2 pairs of cards that have a nominal value of 9, then it’s Qiu-Qiu guys, you can already receive your winnings.

Okay, we discuss the tricks you can do to win playing Domino QQ Online, guys.

• Increase your capital
You can make big capital to win, guys, just in case you can, you can play calmly and remember don’t just play, it’s useless you bring a lot of money but you play randomly, wasting money, guys. a trick that can work well if you bring big capital is that you can easily crack your opponent’s players, this method is used by many pro gamblers in playing, but don’t get distracted from always playing by cracking, guys, consider the cards you have. have too.

• Dare to back off
If you get an initial card that is not good, don’t hesitate to step back or what we usually call fold, if you push it, you will spend more money, guys. if the initial card combines 7 or 8 you don’t need to fold, because it has a large enough value to play. But if you get a score below 5, you should fold it, guys.

• Focus on playing
In calculating the meal, the admin highly recommends that you focus on playing, it is very detrimental if you miscalculate when playing and don’t get a win, of course, do this game at night, all activities are not too busy, you can play time with a definite focus. .

• Patiently waiting
If you haven’t been given a card with a beautiful number combination in playing, you can do this one trick, changing rooms can help change your bad luck to be better at receiving cards, guys, patience in playing is also your determinant in playing so you can win, guys.

Play more often so that you can become experts in playing, of course you will learn a lot through practicing playing more often, guys.

This is the admin article which will definitely help you to win playing Domino QQ Online, have fun playing and have good luck with you guys.